Hi, at the workplace we're trying to make something useful out of an old CubeX Duo that was sitting unused for some time.We bypassed the filament feeding tubes and provide it directly from above the extruders.

It seems to be working fine, the only big issue is that it kind of screws up the xy dimensions, inflating them a little in a non really predictable way. We're using CubeX slicer but there seems to be no way of calibrating or correcting anything with it (and don't make me talk about the supports).
Any good third party slicer with a profile known to work with this printer? I did some test with kissslicer and it produces printable BFBs but couldn't get it to print consistently (underextrusion mostly). Does Simplify3D work better out of the box? PLA would be just fine to begin with.

We have two cartridges, one is seen as empty and the other one has about half of remaining life. Does ReCube work with CubeX Duo cartridges? Anyone got the source code or a binary for arduino uno (I have plenty of those and I'd like to do a quick test while I source some nano)?

Any other trick I should know about to make it better beside stripping most of it and converting it to reprap?

Thank you!