Hello, I just got my substitution hot end today and have introduced it and begun printing. I've gone through the pre-flight test and Z-Axis alignment. All great. I aligned the extruder, discovered it was under-expelling only a tad, so changed the means per mm appropriately.

Notwithstanding, I have an issue. At the point when I start a print, and the spout preheats, I end up with overabundance fiber snaking out. At the point when it goes to track down the 9 adjustment focuses I frequently get the "Debris on nozzle" blunder and need to reset and clean it. This happens more often than not right now. In the event that I raise the Z-pivot up and just hit 'Preheat', I get an unending line of fiber overflowing out. While looking for the solution, I have already covered the following guides:


But the issue stand still in front of me. Any ideas? Is my temp excessively high? Could my extruder be excessively free?