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In support of this proposition, Rapide 3D were also displaying a gorgeous smaller-format printer called the Lite 100, with a similar 100 x 100 x 100 mm build volume. This lacks the screen of its large family members the Lite 200 and Lite XL, but still includes an SD card slot for untethered operation once a print has started. Rapide 3D had one of the largest displays of 3D printers at the show -- by print head count probably the largest -- with visitors being greeted by a sea of their Lite 100, Lite 200 and Lite 200X models, plus an even larger Lite 500, and prototypes of other forthcoming models. Every year there is a breakthrough hardware vendor at the 3D Printshow, and for me this year it was definitely Rapid 3D. They are certainly a company to watch.