Is there anyone here that did some type of retrofit of CubePro (single extruder) and can compare it's printing accuracy to a something like a well dialed in Ender 5 Plus, or a Prusa, possibly Ultimaker. Assuming the retrofit was with the same bed, heated or not does not matter, sicne we can use glue stick to print cold.

What type of level of precision is present on the gantry as far as rods, carriage bearings......

Can I use electronics from Ender 5 to drive this gantry which is a lot more heavy? Will it produce lots of ringing. So if we compare a CubePro retrofitted with Either Ender electronics or Prusa Rambo electronics and their steppers and the speeds i'm going for are 60mm/sec or less printing at 100 micron. Is it worth doing a retrofit on one of these, assuming I get a new one with low hours so no wear and tear on the gantry, but I have no idea on quality control or precision level from the factory. It wasn't very expensive printer yet it has lots of parts in it, so logic would say not a lot of precision went into it.

Anyone with both Ender and Prusa and CubePro retrofit?