This thread summarizes (or indexes) all the relevant information, tips, tricks and hacks for the

Rapide Lite
3D Printers

Rapide Lite Printers - IndieGoGo Campaign!
Rapide Lite FAQ (semiOfficial)
RapidePi: Control your Rapide Lite's using Raspberry Pi's


Rapide Lite Family Mainboard pictures
Hardware Spare / Replacement Parts for the Rapide Lite
Assembly Video and Manual
First Steps Guide
Printable parts for the Rapide Lite Printers
L Bracket to Prusa Extruder Adapter
New Fan Duct (PRO version)
RL Spool Holder (+ Alternate version)
Alternate Extruder Case
How To Clear a Nozzle Jam


Rapide Lite 200 Official Firmware
Software Settings for Rapide Lite 200

Hacks 'n Tricks

Change / Swap Rapide Lite 200 Board with a RUMBA Board (or a replacement Rapide 3D)
AutoLevel bed for Rapide Lite 200
How To Update your Rapide Lite firmware
How To Swap your 200 Bed for a 312 Bed
How to Install the E3Dv6 on the Rapide Lite
XWing Slider Kit (WIP)
LCD Case + Support
Flexible Filament Adapter Hack
Z Adjustment Screw
How to Rewire Extruder Fan Wires
Extruder LED-spotlight
Filament dryer storage tub