I was lucky so far with my RL printer because until now i did not had any big issues.But now... i am facing some problems and maybe some forum members can give me any advice to solve the problem. Here the summary of what happend:

1. because of filament jam inside the thermal barrier tube i needed to dismount the extruder/hotend to evaluate how i can get out this small piece of filament (it really stuck strong)
2.while dismounting the heatblock the tiny thermistor (cable) came out -i really tried to avoid this situation!
3.after investigation of the thermal tube i decided to re-assembling everything and try to heat up the hotend trough the manual operation mode
in Repetier and then push some small metall pin (smaller than 2mm diameter) trough the tube.
4. after assembling everything back together (except the thermistor wire which i just pushed back into the hole temporary.

But now after connecting with the Printer i cannot heat-up/control the Extruder and the temperature of the headbed anymore.
Connection with Printer seems OK
Referencing in XYZ OK
Extruder temperature shows fantasy value of 357.5 C (before try to heat up)
Headbed temperature shows 28 C (before try to heat up)
When i try to heat up the bed - it stays at 28C
When i try to heat up the extruder -it stays at 357.5
i cannot move any axis by single steps as well amymore
thanks in advance for any advice