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    Filament dryer storage tub

    Works great for me....
    When the desiccant beads have absorbed moisture they will start turning pink.
    Every couple days, give the cheese container a shake to get the inner beads closer to the outside.
    When most have turned pink put them in a electric skillet, or pop them in the oven .
    Skillet works a lot faster.
    When the they have turned dark blue again, pour them back in the cheese container and repeat the process indefinitely.

    And it doesn't hurt to toss all your desiccant bags that come with the filament in the storage bin either.

    Get the desiccant here:
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    I know this thread is a bit old but another source for Silica gel is Kitty Litter yes that stuff for your cat to poop in. 7lb bag aprox. $15 and local big difference is not all of the crystals are dyed Material: Silicia Sand, Water (un-scented) , otherwise the same stuff at a fraction of the price added benefit no shipping cost. just one example I'm sure there are others.

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    Yep! Smart one! Thanks!



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