Hey all, got my department's old CubePro Duo, need some pointers.


In that link, I have a pic of a recent print I made. It's a small part of a campus map print I'm trying to make, and as you can tell, it has a few gaps in the top layer that I'd like to get rid of (my airpods included for scale).

It's printing at 200mm, fill spacing 4, 6 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 2 outer walls, and printing with ABS white.

I've adjusted the the Z gap to where a piece of paper is just barely dragging when placed under the nozzle, made sure that the filament does not have kinks and pulls out smoothly.

Any ideas on what I can do make the top layer a bit more smooth? Im open to any advice! Please let me know if you need any more info.

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