Prusa i3 Diy Kit Features:
1.Frame:Lead screw (Stainless steel material)
2.Structure:Acrylic sheet (Black or transparent).
3.PrintSize: 190*200*180mm (Max),
4.Layerthickness: 0.1-0.4mm LCD display and SD Card off-line printing (Included withthe Printer)
5.XYaxis positioning accuracy: 0.0125mm,
6.Zaxis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
7.Nozzlediameter: 0.4mm (standard configuration) 0.5 mm optional
8.Nozzle type:E3D-V6
9.Nozzletemperature: 260 degree C (Max),
10.Platformtemperature: 120 degree C (adjustable) MK3 3 mm aluminum alloy heatbed
11.Platformmaterial: Aluminum plate, Heatbed
12.StepperMotors: Nema 17
13.Printingmaterial: ABS, PLA
14.Materialdiameter: 1.75mm
15.Fileformat: STL, G-code,
16.Machinedimension: 420(L)*455(W)* 380mm (H)
17.Packagedimension: 460*500*300mm,
18.Powersupply: DC 24V 400W Voltage input: vc110v - 220 - v
20.Hostcomputer software: Repetier-Host
21.Softwarelanguage: English
22.Controlpanel RAMPS 1.4
23.100grams of printed materials PLAPrusa i3 Diy Kit Features: