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    Question OctoPrint/OctoPi Profile for Rapide Lite 200

    I'm just getting started using OctoPrint/OctoPi with my Rapide Lite 200. The basic installation, setup, and connection went fairly well. I've been searching for a OctoPrint profile for my printer on-line, but haven't found anything. Is there an OctoPrint/OctoPi profile available somewhere for my Rapide Lite 200? Basic functionality (X/Y/Z move, extrude, heat, etc.) works with the default profile (which appears to be for a Generic RepRap Printer), but I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as a tweaked Rapide Lite 200 specific profile.

    PS - The only non-working element is the bed heater. Setting it to PLA temp from the OctoPi Control panel results in nothing happening. Is this a profile issue or something else? Has anyone encountered this before?

    Note about the bed heater: I created and then selected a new profile for the RL200 with the 'has heated bed' option checked (I was hopeful that this would be the problem, as the default profile does not have this option, but it had no effect). I see on the OctoPrint terminal that it's sending the bed heater instruction, and the printer responds 'ok', but the temperature display on the OctoPrint home page still says 'off' for the bed. I've tried just about everything I know how at this point.
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