Hello all!. This is my first post. I first discovered the forum when the hacked firmware was released a few years back. This community has been a wealth of information. Thank you.

Unfortunately, after keeping my Cube 3 stored away in its box for a few years, I decided to bring it out to see if it could swing a project I had in mind. After printing and completing the HubCap modification on one side, my HubCap for the other side wouldn't work due to a lack of contact with the chip reader.


So my prints are leaning, maybe even slightly twisting to the 2 o'clock position. I have Auto Leveled the bed a few times and set the Z with a sheet of paper. My original purpose of using the 3D printer was to make very small match plates making molds for small parts, so my prints were never more than maybe an inch tall (on the z-axis I mean) or so, but I don't remember having such a problem.

As I mentioned, I have auto-leveled the bed quite a few times, from what I can see, it looks as if the build plate is visibly tilted towards the front of the machine. It looks quite off when the build plate is hanging out, like when a print is complete. It's definitely leaning downward of 0°. With the age of the printer, it's stock filament...

Not sure how to fix this issue. From what I've read on other printers, something is out of square. The frame of the Cube is internal and seems quite robust. The printer always passes the auto level. From thinking through the issue out loud (by writing this post) I realize I need to find out how to manually level the bed to the printer.

Does anyone else have experience with leaning prints on the Cube 3? My original plan was maybe to sell it for money to put on a new printer, but at this point, I've already put more cash into trying to save this thing than it's worth, and it's not even in a condition to give away. Kinda bummed.

Thanks for your help,