I am at the tail end of repairing a few Cube3s and hoping to save a spare board with the Invalid Serial Number issue.

My board shows as FW v1.07. I have a good V1.14B board right next to it but all of my attempts to use data from it's SD to fix the issue have not worked. No luck downgrading the 1.14B to earlier versions (tried the EKO FW swap trick).

I know about the blank filename 958........ but the gap for me is the ManualPatch.zip file mentioned in the final 3DS documentation. Nearly all of the links in the document do not work. If I don't luck out here, I may try 3DS support again although it appears that all of their responses are pre-canned. They send the activation code for the SN and the final document, that's it.

In order to get the printer running again, you will need to open up the printer's case to remove the Micro SD card from the main board, insert the card into your computer through a Micro SD card adapter, extract a patch file (provided by us) into the SD card, and install the card back into the printer.

Follow this link to download the patch file (do not extract or do anything yet):

(Cube 3) https://3dsystems.sharefile.com/d-s3c674a918ec4df08

In order to retrieve the MicroSD card from the main board, please download and follow the instructions from this link:


Now that you have retrieved the MicroSD card, insert it into your computer.

Extract the contents of the ManualPatch.zip onto the SD Card (if asked to overwrite any files, please overwrite).