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    Removing filament from LokBuild

    Hello. My CubePro 2 has been printing well since getting a new extruder head and putting the Lokbuild cover on the print plate. I'm not using glue as it prints fine without it. However, I'm having a bit of trouble getting all of the filament off of the Lokbuild when removing the print jobs. I have a metal scraper (putty knife) and use warm water when removing. But, some filament is tough to get off. It hasn't affected future print jobs as the filament is pretty flat on the Lokbuild surface. But, I'm wondering if anybody has a suggestion on how to get it off. Would goo be gone be a possibility?

    I could try an art scalpel but don't want to cut the Lokbuild surface. Thanks.


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    It looks like your z gap needs to be loosened up a little. I recommend the calibration print files, especially when changing to print in Nylon or Wood. Some filament types need a little more of a gap.

    I begin with a .5mm feeler gauge and then print off the appropriate calibration file to tweak.

    Glad to see the printer up and running and interesting to see success with Lokbuild, even without a PVA glue medium.

    If you find that you have adhesion issues after adjusting the z gap, Elmer's purple glue sticks work very well. I even use it for for ABS on the OEM platform but I use S3D and set it to begin printing once the chamber heat temp stabilizes, so it spends about 25 minutes getting up to temp before the print even begins. A little weird at first, but ensures those big ABS prints don't have any issues.

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    My printer, without using glue, starts printing intermediately, and it really annoys me. I tried your advice to loosen the threads, but the problem did not disappear. I consulted an expert, and he advised me to use hph tools, assuring me that the problem would go away. To tell you the truth, it did. The printing is consistent, and I don't have to adjust the gaps thinking they are the problem.
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