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    Looking at your knurled wheel, can you see just how much of the shaft is sticking above the top of the wheel? This looks like mine did when I had problems and before I had to fix it, and implies that the grub screw locking the wheel onto the shaft is below where the flat part of the shaft finishes. Unless you've previously screwed the grub screw down really tight there's a chance that it is now slipping and will need correcting. If you can (while it is still on the table) connect the cable to the extruder heat it up the extruder up to temperature and then test extrude 10mm of filament and watch the wheel to see if it slips.
    Grub screw below extruder body
    Grub screw above extruder body
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    If your extruder is making a clicking noise, I'd recommend you to read every detail from this post:

    Your problem is most likely 1 of the 4 wires that go to the motor that got broken.

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    thanks for this



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