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    Quote Originally Posted by Holgamods View Post
    I never said the switch was 12 Volts.
    The 12 Volts was referring to the led voltage.... The switch is a 5A/250VAC
    I'm not blaming you Randy, it's my fault, I just read the headline description and saw 12V so went and purchased a 12V switch. It seems though that would have worked ok (not sure for how long) the main problem was that I tried to supply the LED with a voltage and that then sent 240V into the board . My PC recognises when I plug the USB cable in but it no longer recognises the device like it used to so I guess I fried something in the USB system (driver/control chip?) The USB hub that my printer was connected to also died at the same time so it seems the 240V exited the board via the USB cable and into the USB hub.

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    similar concerns with this issue

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    I stupidly changed the voltage on my Anycubic i3 Mega after experiencing Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan issues with the hotend (wouldn’t heat up). Thought it may be that it was on the wrong voltage,Pakistan flag: Here's how so I switched it to 110v. The screen came on and then quickly went blank, with an audible ‘pop’ sound. Is this the fuse and if so how easy is it to replace?
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    Sounds like it but Im not familiar on where the fuse is placed....perhaps on the PSU wire connection?

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    250v 10a ac 3 in 1 fuse best for 3d printers easy to install and replace.

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    fuse is a current limiter or you can say it as a bodyguard, when current tries to exceed its limit for which the power supply is designed, it breaks the circuit by melting the fuse wire which is disconnected from the circuit and your appliances are not damaged.
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