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    Power Supply Fuse?

    Is there a fuse somewhere in the RL power supply?

    My power switch stopped working . It had been intermittent a while back but seemed to have settled down, then recently it became 'sticky' i.e. sometimes it would not switch off and needed several pushes before it would eventually work but now it's stopped working stuck in the on position. Time to replace the switch so I purchased one of these round-12v-rocker-switch-illuminated-green.jpg
    I connected up the two Blue wires to the two Silver terminals and it seemed to work fine. I then connected the RED fan wire to the third Gold terminal to supply power for the LED and it lit briefly then died. I tried just connecting the two Blue wires again but now no power to the board so I'm guessing I blew a fuse somewhere? Hence why I ask if there is there a fuse somewhere on the RL power supply?
    It may be coincidence but the USB hub that my Alligator board usb cable was connected to has now also died, I do hope I haven't toasted my Alligator board !!!

    EDIT: My Alligator board I think is ok as when I connect to the second USB port on board without the mains power it lights up like usual and Windows installed the driver for it. I also checked the new switch for continuity in the 'off' and 'on' positions and works like it should, so can probably rule that out as the cause of no power.
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