It's been years since I posted. I used the Cube3 when the pandemic started last year to print PPE for hospital workers. I finally finished a Mod I've wanted to do for years literally.

No need to modify the nozzle or change the bowden tube as I have a lot of cartridges and don't want to mod them all as the difficult part was drilling, tapping, etc...

This is how the cube 3 should have been designed by 3DS had they not put form before function.
Notice the easy curves of the tube. In fact I had shattered PLA in the tube when I tested this and it pushed through just fine even for the extreme case if the PLA old brittle and even is pre-shattered as was my case because the cartridge had been installed in a machine for an extended period of time doing its usual 180degrees in a tight space per the original design.

Easy swap of Left and Right Extruder cables at the main board. I also swapped the chip connections (had to extend the wires), but keeping the chips on the same side as the material being extruded is not entirely required. The chip connections are the 2 pin connectors, you'll notice the one on the left is routed to the right and vice versa. The motor connections are just behind the left chip connection. It's an easy swap of the connectors and is necessary due to the fact that software maintains the relative positioning of the 2 extruders.

The entire process is very easy, you just need to take the front cover off and then I used a rotary cutter to free up space on the top. Extending the 2 pin chip cables takes a little patience, but it's not necessary.