What is the point of 3d printing?

I just don't see it. It is very inefficient. I guess it is great for some serious artists who design their own stuff or for medical use, but for most things, it is pointless. Anyone who has seen Mr. Rogers or How It's Made would know how quickly factories work. The whistle machine spits out several whistles a second, and the cost can be as low as a quarter! 3D printers make one little whistle in half an hour, and it uses expensive materials that may not have the best quality either.

When you ask a person "If you had a 3D Printer, what would you print"? Some people would say "another 3d printer" or "a gun" or something else that cannot be printed. Others would say "Paperclips, whistles, recorders, forks, toilet brushes" and other items that are useful, but are so readily available that it simply isn't worth it. If you want a doll, just go to the toy store and buy a doll. It may be better and have a talking voice, and for half the price. Some people straight-out say "2D printing is a thing of the past", but really, 3D printing will never replace computer printers, nor will anyone ever start calling their HP a "2D printer"