Long shot call but... is anyone willing to trade a (working?) Cube3 for another? LOL

I have a collector "spirit" in me and I'm willing to get ahold of an EKOcycle one, the colors and lightup red are sexy! :P

I have a legion of brand new Cube3 printers only used once (to hack chip and try the filament hubs on) that in worst cases are just collecting "dust"... So if anyone is willing to do a 1:1 trade, I'm willing to cover both shipping costs

Let me know.

PS. needless to say I havent checked Eko prices in a while, if they ever sell on second hand markets still...but since I'm on Spain, I'll have to check if shipping both will be more expensive than a second market one at one point. If anyone has updated prices on how these go for, let me know :P