@Henk, i support you guys in the general issue. Since there are no actual naming in Ethans update, how can you know itis you that he points a finger at? I have had my dealings with him via email and I could also feel that it was me he was after, but I do not. Have you gotten mails from him particularly stating you as the culprit?

if not, then please take it easy and look at it from a new perspective. Everybody is frustrated and rightly so, but starting to hit on each other are not a good way too move forward. There are some curious statements as to why there is a delay, there are comstant talk about costs and also references to how hard it is too do business in China. There are even indications on people leaving the company and acusing them of stealing their ideas. It is a mess!

But to close down the forum and shut people out from their shared wealth of knowledge is simply put exactly doing what you are being accused of doing. We who posted and helped each other are not to blame and frankly it seems totally unfair to punish your fellow contributors. All the people already owning a rapide printer is unjustly put in an awkward position. So please rethink this position as it is not in any way helping your cause.