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    Simplify3d retraction settings?

    So I've recently dug out my cube 3 after letting it sit in storage for like 5 years.

    Back before I tucked it away I did all the typical mods (custom extruder hub, bowden tubes, hacked firmware and I stripped some of the plastic housing in an attempt to silence the thing.)

    This time around I figured I'd attempt using a 3rd party slicer. For a few weeks I attempted to modify Cura's bfb code to work but had little success so I threw in the towel, acquired a copy of S3D and snagged the fff profile floating around here on the forums.

    For the most part it's been very successful with only temp adjustments needed on a few prints.

    However, I recently swapped spools of filament and during my typical test prints to get a profile dialed in I've come to realize that I can't eliminate oozing/blobs at the start of layers.

    It's making me feel a little crazy because I've tried a plethora of different settings. I've tried retract settings from .5mm to 10mm with varying speeds, I've tried varying temps from 190c-230c and even messed with extrusion multiplier from .80 to 1.1 with almost no change to the blobs/oozing at layer start.

    I'm hoping after all these years someone has developed a more dialed profile for the cube3, but any tips would be appreciated.

    I've attached a couple photos to show my current issue. The image with 4 cubes are all sliced with S3D with varying settings. As you can see the blobs/oozing are all identical across the 4 cubes despite wildly different settings.

    To rule out anything physical happening I sliced the same cube in the Cube3 software and the blobs are gone...
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    First of all, Cubify has a couple of extra settings for the retraction calls. I once played with changing them but the results were confusing to me. I suspect part of making Cube printers was absolutely tweaking this settings to the nines.

    The other setting that will make a difference is the speed you are traveling at. This is normally considered the 'quality' tweak if you slow down a good print, and adjust all the extruder values to match.

    What I don't know about S3D is how it manages the outer wall. Does it print the outside before the inside or is it reversed from Cubify. If I am not mistaken, CubePro slows down for the outer wall and speeds up for inner walls and infill.

    One of the best features of Cubify prints is the consistent corners. However, I agree, the start/stop ends 'drool' too much. There must be a way to manage that as well.

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