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    Replacement for 2 pin CubePro EEPROM PCB

    For those like me who broke the the small spring pin on the pcb that read the cartridge, I found this as replacement.
    It fit perfectly tight in the teflon socket. (white plastic plate under the cartridge holder)

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    Wow, that's a great find!

    Mine got all manged so I eventually just took the EEPROMs and soldered little 2-pin connectors on them. Now when I need to recharge them, I just unplug from the printer and plug into recharger.

    I had the idea to wire the chips into a little switchboard so when I need to recharge them, I just flip a switch to disconnect them from the printer wiring and connect them to the recharger. But this arrangement is so quick and simple I'll probably never bother with that...



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