Hey guys!
I've been doing a teardown on my Cube3 and his forum has been very useful with information so I thought I'd give back a few of the models I've designed for my rebuild.
This is a replacement for the screen with a far larger screen that sits nicely on the frame without needing to modify the case at all:
thingiverse.com/thing:5692426 (Because I can't post links)

And I've also designed a converter that allows the Ender 2 Pro's heated bed to be easily added onto the frame without any heavy modifications:

Let me know if you guys need any help!

Oh also! I was wondering if anyone has access to Kiza's mount for the ED3 Chimera as seen on the post named: "Cube3-running-with-e3DV6-hotend!"

He's often talked about sharing it but I just can't find the files!

All the best!