Watch this video of beautiful objects printed by the Octave Light R1 Top-down DLP / SLA 3D Printer under a microscope!

A longer video of the prototype #4 of the Octave Light R1, Top-down Desktop DLP Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer, is available here:
This is a bit long, but me, as a 3D Printer enthusiast, can watch it all day long!

As you will see in the video, the Octave Light R1 is highly dependable and reliable. It runs so smooth. All print jobs ran on this prototype #4 are 100% successful so far. We have already had five engineers putting one whole year full time into developing this 3D Printer!

The Octave Light R1 can reliably print at 25 um per layer. A normal A4 letter paper is 100 um thick. We are printing at 1/4 the thinness of a paper here. This 25 um per layer performance is matching any industrial grade top down Stereolithography machines.

In the Octave Light R1, the thickness of each printed layer is measured with the laser sensor. It is the exact same laser measurement sensor that is used in silicon wafer manufacturing machines!

It's printable volume is 203 mm tall, 96 mm long, and 54 mm wide.
The XY resolution is 50 um pixel pitch. I am so proud of the Octave Light R1.
The light source is an UV LED, with industrial grade optics specifically designed for Stereolithography purpose.

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The prototype #4 featured in the video was made with our mass production equipment. As you can see, the Octave Light R1 is running reliably and is only two months away from mass production.

The Indiegogo limited pre-sales discount price will only be available on Indiegogo for 40 days. Be sure to check it out. Please look forward to the Octave Light R1 launching on in March 2016.

I am Charles Lo, the man in this video. Please contact me by emailing to
It is my personal goal to deliver you the best desktop Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer in the world!
To help achieve my goal, I have founded the Octave Light Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong.

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See you again soon.


Octave Light R1, Prototype #4, photo take 1 small - 1.jpgOctave Light R1, Prototype #4, photo take 1 small - 5.jpgOctave Light R1, Prototype #4, photo take 1 small - 22.jpgOctave Light R1, Prototype #4, photo take 1 small - 23.jpgOctave Light R1, Prototype #4, photo take 1 small - 24.jpg