I did calibrate the Morpheus putting the level on the tray and not on the Morpheus, I found considerable differences due to the tape that they put to push up the lcd and that makes the lcd not to be totally flat even when the Morpheus is flat. My recommendation is to calibrate the Morpheus assuring the Lcd and the resin tray are flat. Trick: put a bit of resin and wait for the gravity to act. My Morpheus was in theory fully calibrated but when I put the resin all the resin was going to one side of the tray. Now when I put the level in my Morpheus I have differences between 0.8 to -0.6 degrees but in the platform only 0.1 to 0.2 and the resin is evenly flat everywhere.

Now, I have good news. I tried a water rinsable resin (totally clear) and the results are by faaaaaaaarrrr the best!!! Printed 18 figures across all the building platform and all were perfect at 40s 8 layers and the rest at 20 seconds and 0.2mm. The print at 0.2 mm was flying and in 3 hours I had a nice figure perfect in all the ways and water rinsable!! The adherence was perfect and I saw practically no movements on the tray due to adherence in the plastic, and these are 18 figures pushing up!! The resin also has practically no odor and well the bad news is that a beauty like this costs like liquid gold but definitely for me it's worth after so many failures. I'm happy again! Photos later.