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Guys, I am having a repetitive issues with creation workshop( The program gets frozen in the middle of printing -timing's vary, between 10 to 70%. As a result, printer keeps running while the same area is being cured.
Since I have received the Morpheus, I have not managed to finish a single print yet because of the same problem. My computer has windows 10 with i7 core, 16gb ram and the models I have been printing were fairly simple, so I don't think the issue is either with my computer or the complexity of the model. Does anyone have suffered with the same issue? I desperately need advise from the fellow users..
Hi manbogi91. This is not a problem I have come across, however don't think it has anything to do with the Morpheus. It is essentially just acting like a monitor plugged into your computer, so shouldn't affect the running of creation workshop. Not sure if anyone else has come across this, however I think the reason lies elsewhere. I could be wrong though.