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    nanoDLP with Mark IV

    As I had to move the printer away from our living room , I don't have much spare room left for a dedicated PC... plus, I'm not that impressed by the features and capabilities of Creation Workshop, and the use of a secondary screen in Windows 10 is giving me headaches.

    So, gave it a try with a Raspberry Pi 3, running nanoDLP, hooked up to the Morpheus Mark IV.

    Main advantages being:

    • no more additional dedicated (and error prone) laptop/desktop computer needed,
    • a wireless Morpheus Mark IV, just use any tablet/smartphone/pc to access the nanoDLP webpages over wifi,
    • (still to do: ) nicely integrated inside the Morpheus, with the Pi running from Arduino power,
    • (still to do: ) and last but not least, advanced features like 'variable exposure rates', 'mask support', 'in print pictures with a Pi Camera', ...

    The somewhat down side being: nanoDLP currently (build 1117) only accepts SLC, SVG or Zip (PNGs) files. Meanwhile, Asiga Stomp allows STL to SLC export (find it here).

    Here are the settings I'm currently using on nanoDLP build 1117:

    • Setup - Hardware Setup:


    • Setup - Customized Buttons: (Note: created an 'initialise' button, as 'Gcode - Bootup' above is often executed too early. Optionally, created a 'home' button, if you added a lower endstop, see thread here)


    • Printer Profile: used for FTD resin at 100µ layer height. (I still need to figure out how to improve the 'Gcode After Each Layer' with variable delay)


    See post #4 below for the installation instructions.

    Have fun!
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