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    Cool Welcome to "BZPDPUF" Please drop a note to introduce yourself.

    Hi I'm Jim Pippas:

    Welcome to Billy Zelsnack's Polygon Delta Printer Unofficial Forum (BZPDPUF).

    I asked to owner of this site to give us an spot to share anything related to Billy Zelsnack's Polygon Delta Printer (BZPDP).

    I don't want to post rules, I figure if you can't keep to the subject and be civil in the process someone will tell me and I'll ask you to edit your remarks. I don't care if you use adult language as long as it's not directed to a person or a persons ideas.

    A side note I've never moderated a forum before so when I screw up please help me with solutions not that I fucked up.

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    Nunyafb Izness (Jim)
    Future owner of
    BZPDP see KS-Project
    Rapide Lite 200

    Sucker paid for ROAPD3PbyR3DV
    Complete N00B "But I know people"
    Yes I can do this favor for you,
    One day and this day may never come
    I may require a favor in return
    And even though what I require of you may be unpleasent
    You Must Comply.
    Just Kidding
    not really
    No really I'm just kidding
    Really I'm serious you'll owe me



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