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    New release of Cura 4.12.1

    There is a new cura out .... thank god !
    i was using the 14.09 version and my heat bed would not heat up at all
    another user scottyblue77 had no support at all when he used his native german, thats a bug which is now fixed.
    I am about to give it another go, maybe others who found it problematic might like to try this new version.

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    Hey daf, I got the new version, but it doesn't seem to have fixed my problem with the heat bed not heating up all the way. I have a spool of ABS, and I can't get the bed to go over 95°C (which I believe is what's preventing my filament from sticking).

    Anyone else having this issue? I'm not 100% convinced its a software thing either.



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