Oh this should be good. A lot of the slicers will spit out a G-code with a full vase mode series of moves.

The beauty of this is, you only have to set the settings once!

The idea is that splicing a Vase mode sliced model is basically a continuous G1-string.
Same pressure on the nozzle same velocity throughout.
No temperature changes and most of all, no retracts/stops/slicer mode changes (the #vectors).
All these events force the printer do intermediary things like stopping the nozzle, adjusting the retract parameter, changing the velocity...
These are the things that are hard to change once the file is sliced. That all goes away with Vase mode.

Anyone got a model in mind they'd like to try? I'll volunteer to convert your sliced Vase Mode g-code to the Cube3 and try to make it printable.

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Cura generated spiral mode (vase mode).


Not bad for the 3rd attempts.

Jabba the Hutt texture


These have to slow down a lot due to heat.

Experiment Art... some of the best of 3DP