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    It sure sounds like they sent something other than ABS. Likely PLA mis-labeled.

    Is there a Home Plastic Chemical Analysis Kit on the market yet??

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    Your nose It smelled a little like ABS but yes, it seems they forgot to clean the augur between an ABS and PLA run.

    I am sure someone makes a reliable quality ABS.
    I found their Fun Pack quite revealing about consistency, particularly with how dark the color is.
    One print was White with a continued print with black. A fairly heavy body and sizable measuring cup.
    The black crumbled away (slightly exaggerated here), separated from the white completely, and the remaining white piece is as flexible and tough as you'd expect of a quality ABS. No crackling, splitting, or wall separation on a 4-trace wide wall thickness (no fill).
    I guess that was just a red herring. Or just characteristics of these particular runs.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I don't know why but I keep forgetting one strange fact when printing the test print on the Cube...
    The extrusion feed and/or the motion velocity do not match up with the current Cube 3 slicer.
    Where I get very loose adhesion on the test print, I get much better adhesion in the following print sent from the library.
    The slicer used for the test print is obviously a much earlier version if you note all the small differences, including this one.

    There must be at least 2 built-in .cube3 files for the test print. Does anyone know how to extract it?
    I'd like to convert it to a point file to see what's changed.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Wow! Remember I said I order a Cube 2 spool of ABS on eBay to test the material?

    The shipment was sitting in the USPS waiting-for-item status for almost a week.
    Challenged the seller on Friday...
    End of day Monday I shoot him another message...
    and yesterday I get a refund!
    Absolutely terrible communication and still no reason for the cancellation!
    Avoid expresstech7 on eBay unless you have more patience than I do.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Let's try again. Ordered up a couple of Cubex cartridges with ABS from a couple of different sellers. I will let you know how much filament these actually hold. This shouldn't be this hard!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Darn, now I'm going to have to find more cart spools!

    Got some info on the Cubex carts though! That belongs in its own thread.



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