Who knew that some of the advanced materials for CubePro made it to market!

I order a CubePro flex cartridge today. Let's see how that works in Cube3.

One more available: search - 3D Systems CubePro 2nd Gen Flex Filament Cartridge - Snow

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The filament got here today and I am nowhere near ready to make use of it.
Interesting fact, this 3DS Flex cartridge comes with a cold-pull-cord.

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Interesting findings comparing the flex filament settings in the Cubify apps.

1st of all, Cube3 build configs only supports 4 materials. Cube3 provides for ABS and PLA conversion information as compared to CubePro. These two read very similar in their slicer settings variables. Then I have FLX in CubePro that can be used to calibrate the CubePro version of ABS. Then go back and use the conversion information from the first analysis. Basically, flex runs a lot slower and reduced retractions.

Bottom line, this shouldn't be too hard to do. Still need to figure out how to recompile the build XML reliably.

One thing worth noting; this is based on V1.87 of CubePro. You will find some errors in the released code. Missing line breaks on a specific call and a duplication of another on the following line. Errors such as missing line breaks can cause the slicer to completely ignore the entry. There are about 180 settings per material in the CubePro configs. I've broken them down to FLX ABS and PLA so far and provided logic analyzers. Although the FLX material is listed, no app menu options allow selection of FLX. It seems to be "quasi" supported. Some messages pop up about it but you cannot create a print file using it all the way to v2.02.

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I just weight the full box of the Flex filament. It comes in at 4 pounds! I thought it seemed a bit heavy.

These advanced filaments are part of a second generation campaign for the CubePro where it appears that these was a major release forthcoming for the Cube3 as well. It almost looks like 3DS planned to release the CubePro app for both Cube 3 and CubePro to incorporate the exotic materials like flex and wood. V2.02 has all the hooks for Cube3 also, but I suspect it is a code in config that enable it. There is a "CUBIFY" entry in one of the configs that has a longish numeric code after it. It's a longshot, but I suspect this is the key to access advanced utilities. Anyone know how to chase that down with s/w sniffers?

Back to the cartridge... was 3DS planning on increasing the volume of the CubePro cartridges because they felt bad about marking up their filament 500%? ...because they could? ...and learned people revolted? ...and... etc.?

Anyway, I don't want to break the seal on this cart yet. I'll update my findings when I do.