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    I'd say that sums it up nicely.

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    I'm gradually going through all of the threads on the forum mining for nuggets of knowledge. I have wished more than once I had the forethought to make notes as I went so I don't forget some interesting idea as soon as I read the next one. Maybe tomorrow I will develop that trait. Now I am all on fire to examine these config files. I always love config files. For many years, long before I understood what was in them, I would scan files with a hex editor to see what was hiding in there. That probably has as much to do with my current level of understanding as any of the classes I took in college. I take that back, it has much more to do with it. My classes taught me data structures and communications protocols, modulation schema and other highly organized information. But looking through random files taught me how people write code. Thirty years of osmotic education is more than any university has the patience to teach or the methods for testing.

    Just some random musings before I start a new thread that was my main reason for logging on tonight.

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