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    The print files need to be in the root folder of the drive. You can copy the file onto the drive from disk. Once you see print files on the usb drive, you've got a functional memory card. I've used usb drives from conferences and trade shows. These are usually limited in size.

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    A few user guides still available at 3D Systems:

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    Worked like a charm. Was able to snag the original USB from my father (2GB in size, in case anyone is wondering.)

    Now I just have to figure out a way to print better than the Cubify software handles it. Is there a free slicer that can make compatible files for the cube 3, or does everything have to go through Cubify to make a .cube3 file?

    Thanks again, TommyDee.

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    Glad it worked out MC. 3D System's slicer is quite proprietary. Cube3 in particular as it shares a heat-element between the two nozzles. The closest we come to a 3rd party slicer is Simplify3D which is a paid app. Cura (free) has a BFB profile but not properly implemented at the time I reviewed it.

    It is best to stick with the Cube3 software for now and get used to the printer. We can use meshmixer (autodesk) to generate custom supports.

    Do find the cube3 editor. This will give you an idea of what the printer language looks like.



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