Hi all,

I have been following along with the discussion here with interest. I currently print a couple of parts on a few zortrax m200 printers. The idea of a single Morpheus 'The Morpheus' printer capable of printing multiples of my part in less than the time it takes me to print one is tantalising.

I have however seen that the early adopters here had more than their fair share of problems with the recommended resin and getting good prints on a regular basis. I simply cannot afford to be battling failed prints, the reason I use the M200's is that they are rock solid and can print back to back for months with barely a failed print. This isn't really the point of this thread as the solution to the above is simply to bide my time allowing you fine folk to figure out the kinks (cheers for that ).

The other hurdle involved in the idea of a Morpheus is the increased cost of printing in resin. I spend about £5 per product I sell on ABS at the moment and really cant afford to have this increase by much at all as my margins are only just good enough as it is.

So the above is a long winded version of asking: At the relatively early stage is anyone testing out the bulk buy cheap resins? Im thinking of things like this : http://www.bucktownpolymers.com/ps100-v420.html which at $140 for 4kg is only a hair more expensive than ABS spools. (If I'm being a Resin noob here and missing something which means this wont work please let me know)

I understand most people will just be using whatever has been shown to work at this stage to get some successful prints, but if anyone has any plans to test out cheaper resins I would be interested to see how they go.