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    Looking for used cartridge nozzle (hotend?).

    Hi guys,

    I have been using bulk filament for more than a year on a Cube3 I salvaged -- it came with two half-empty cartridges. It worked perfectly. Today, to "clean" the nozzle, I literally melted one of them. I have been using a fire torch to clean my espresso machine's porta filter for years, and I was too smart to think it will work with the aluminum? nozzle. I am wondering if anybody has a "hotend" or two from an empty cartridge that can sell to me? I am located at Canada.

    Many thanks,


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    Welcome to the forum Joe!

    You mean this piece?

    If so, your best bet may be to checkout ebay for cartridges:

    I realize you are in Canada, but someone in the US may ship one to you. I might have an extra one, as may someone else on the forum.
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    I have some NOS ABS carts I will parts with. Worthwhile as a pair shipped Priority Large Flat Rate.



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