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    Nozzle cleaning tips

    Nozzle cleaning tips...

    1) Find or buy a 3mm drill bit.
    2) Find a pair of chucks, a chuck and a vice, or whatever you can hold a 3mm drill bit with and something to hold the nozzle without damaging it.
    3) Holding the tip pointing upwards, slowly and methodically drill into the nozzle by hand removing whatever is sticking to the walls. Once you hit the aluminum at the other end, you'll feel a "chipping" sensation. Technically, the depth is exactly 22 mm to the drill-bit shoulder (not the tip).
    3a) Paint a tell-tale on the drill bit to when you've reached depth for next time.
    4) Find a piece of wire that is heavy enough to push through the nozzle. Mine is from a salvaged power cord measuring about 0.28mm (~.010").
    5) Heat the tip carefully with a butane lighter... torches are easier to manage. If you hold only the push nut, you shouldn't get burned. Careful none the less.
    6) Once warm, you have a little time to feed the wire through. Don't force it. If the plastic is warm enough, it will push in easily. Do not kink, bend, or break the wire!
    7) Feed the wire through until you can pull it through from the filament input end. Some of the remaining filament will be pulled out with the wire.
    8) Check to make sure it didn't coat the walls again with a tube or the drill-bit again.

    This should help you salvage your tips for the next reload.





    filament extraction

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    The Prusa i3 MK2 comes with an acupuncture needle for cleaning the print head.

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    Looks like I wasn't far off



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