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Thread: Filament Review

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    MakerTree3D PLA Light Blue

    This may be moot, since I bought this on closeout from a local printing service - a whole $17 for 2kg! The MakerTree3D web site doesn't show it.

    It is very touchy about temperature. It seems to prefer 235 for the first layer, then 225 for the rest. I use CubePrint to select PLA, then edit the .bfb code to change the temperatures. If you use the CubePrint PLA temps (235, then 210) it goes stringy then stops flowing and strips at the drive wheel.

    That said, it can do pretty nice prints. But I've had it quit extruding in the middle of a part - so it is a bit unpredictable.​(Thanks for the 'spacer', TommyD!)

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