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Thread: Filament Review

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    Amazon... here ... but I doubt this will solve your issue.
    I'm thinking that the 3D Solutech filament is more sensitive to the feed system then the 3DS filament.
    Remember my complaining about my Neon Orange ABS as part of an original setup? It always printed "weak" prints... meaning poor layer to layer adhesion.
    When I moved it to the B2B setup, I was getting perfect prints even after a year of sitting idle.

    I really do understand your frustration, MM.

    What would it cost to send me a length of your filament?
    I'm in Oregon at zip 97124.

    If it's the filament, 3D Solutech will replace it. I can add voice to your claim.

    And I am in full agreement that there are incompatible PLA filaments.
    They all have the same characteristic; they are hard and often have a grainy texture to them.
    These filament will not work in Cube3's due to lack of temperature range. Temp modifiers would probably solve that.
    I've had one very hard filament with a smooth texture that required a driver hack (the physical gear thingy; not F/W).
    This silver PLA sat around in my office for nearly a year. When I picked it up for the DIY mods, I heard the driver mech straining to feed, but it would melt fine.
    Put a groove in the driver, and no more strain. I ran the entire remaining Kg with that special driver. This was WYZ filament or something like that.

    If you have the patience to get there from here, I will help as I can. If the bottom line is to send you a rescue kit, I will.
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    hey TD, I appreciate your reply. I am not going to bother with it anymore. The filament I got from Polymaker is working great for me. I am litterally just going to toss the 3D solutech into the recycling bin. I already sent them an e-mail, and I didn't get the response I was looking for, and don't want to bother putting up a fight. I also have a feeling that the nozzel is messed up some how, so I ordered a new cartridge.

    No need to send me anything TD, or vice versa.

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    Fair enough.
    I was thinking to do a wholesale replacement of the entire chain to see if that solved the issue.
    Again, I know all about the hunt for reliable filament.
    I am sorry this one didn't perform for you.

    The nozzle offer stands if you change your mind.

    BTW: Did you see "Michael Garza" on facebook is working on a commercial tip offer (in brass) for the Cube 3?

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    What?? NICE!!! That's awesome! I just applied to be a member for the page.



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