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Thread: Filament Review

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    Wow looks gorgeous

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    The previous pen-pack filament assortment was donated to a "pen-pal" save the one non-glowing GITD orange.
    So I ordered more from Amazon.
    This time 25ft lengths x 20 each multicolor for ~$10/USD.
    These were marked 160*c at the low end.

    Seems all this stuff comes from the same mill.
    Beautiful test print! ...again.
    And a nice hold on plain Lokbuild as well.

    So if you are buying filament just to have a little of many colors, I highly recommend these pen-packs.
    No need to push a particular ad; just give any pack a try.
    So far, this is more consistent than a shot in the dark with "engineered" filament, only to have to send it back.

    In case you are wondering, 25ft of filament will print approximately 2 hours in the Cube 3.
    Made a test print, the 3DS rook, and 6ft remaining.
    And the red is the red I've been looking for in other suppliers; opaque, vivid, consistent.

    The only con so far is that it this material strings more than some. A flameless butane device works wonders on strings.

    additional update: The glow-in-the-dark pen filament is a little harder than the non-GITD.
    A little more work to feed but it is still printing beautifully. Thought I'd add that.
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