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Thread: Filament Review

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    Thanks for the clarification on my shortcomings. These voids were front and center at 260*C. Still haven't done the temperature modifier yet.

    But you said you were able to change headers during conversion? How are you recompiling (encoding) the hand modified file?
    I was already thinking to update a cube to an Ekocycle to the "bypass"... it is simply a very long bowden tube filled with a length of filament. The hot end as normal... and the cartridge end is plugged in as normal also. I have a sacrificial filament pushing the filament I don't want retracting. So the disconnect happens because the filament is cut.
    think of it like having small bits of filament in your bowden tube and ending up with a colorful print.
    A 1-meter piece of ABS went almost 20 minutes for fiddly parts!

    Let me know how you got to recompiling the edited file.


    ...the red circle is red filament pushing natural filament. A reusable tell-tale.
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    Ahh... How obvious that should have been to me! Like a railroad "pusher engine"! Brilliant.

    The encoder: Here's a link to the page with a link to the encoder I am using [Credit to swwinterry!]:

    I created links on my desktop to the encoder and decoder .exe files. Then, in the directory where I am working in Explorer, I drag the .cube3 file onto the desktop link for 'cubedecoder.exe', and a matching .bfb file appears in my current directory (it will have 'cube3' added into the name). Then I drag the edited .bfb file onto the 'cubeencoder.exe' link and a new .cube3 file appears in the current directory (A .cube3 suffix will be appended, so it will now be xxx.cube3.cube3, unless you have modified the .bfb name.) It's Magic!!

    Note that after the file is re-encoded into .cube3, it will no longer have the embedded object image, so the printer will display a 3DS logo instead.

    BTW, I admire all your bowden couplings!

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    Maybe you can help me get to that point. I got the decode working great, but the encode throws missing file errors. I'll have to play with it more.

    As to the B2B, I am SOLD! This system cleaned up everything I've been aiming for. I have a small box with all the printed bits and a cartridge managing all the bowden tubes. Wound spools can be put in cartridges or used externally. ABS nozzles are holding up better than I could have ever imagined. Even 100% cartridges are working on my printers since the buffers have filled up. Short of encoding, I'm done!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    !aha this is kind of important, huh

    I installed the 32 bit version linked in the "answer". No more errors. Now for some development!

    Thanks for the confirmation on how this should work, John!
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    Oops - yep! I forgot to mention the .dll file. Sorry 'bout that, but glad you solved it (again).

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    Sweet... for the temperature changed and confirmed. Didn't help my print but I am still quite excited about this ability.

    I did go and take apart a few more DLL libraries. Interesting finds But that's for a different thread.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Okay, I need to add to the fact that with modifications to the print file, the MakeShaper ABS is working perfectly!

    Again, we are doing a disservice by changing to rigid bowden tubes.
    For the most part, PLA is very forgiving in this while at the same time, there is room for improvement.
    As to ABS, I am not sure we will find any ABS that will work flawlessly without modification.
    Seems the 3DS filament was specifically formulated to withstand these wild retractions.
    -Some- of the 3D Solutech ABS worked well but their level of quality control on ABS is lacking.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I need to put a nail in the MakeShaper filament review.
    Their standard PLA plays nicely with the Cube3. It has nice definition and they offers Pantone comparable colors.
    It sticks well to LokBuild, which is a nice feature. Is it 3DS filament? No.
    Close second, sure. In a big field, MakeShaper PLA does rise above.

    You probably know I've gone off and reevaluated the sample ABS from MakeShaper.
    This time going past the previous limitation in the Cube3 thanks to John Tee.
    A simple code change did exactly what many of us have been looking for; access!
    Some suspect code and the basic temperature change solved my issues with the ABS filament.
    Therefore I have to give thanks to MakeShaper, Mariela, for the sample spool as well.
    Mariela, you've inadvertently forged the advancement of the Cube3 by addressing an elephant in the room.


    - - - - - - - - - -

    ...and an update on the MakeShaper PLA and ABS.

    I still love the natural ABS from MakeShaper. I cranked the temps down to 235*C along with the halving the retraction/purge settings.
    It is a bit stringy this way, but cleanup is simple and the prints are gorgeous!

    The red PLA too is holding up nicely. I get a few more wrinkles on overhangs unless I deploy a cooling tower intervention technique.

    Both the MakeShaper PLA and ABS seem to tolerate re-spooling which disqualifies a lot of contenders in my eyes.
    I see no cracks or other evidence of re-spooling stress.

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