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    [QUOTE= Also looking for a ABS chip == Tomuro's (Member of the forum) ReCube software can change the chip to whatever you want PLA, ABS, Nylon, etc while also changing the usage from zero to 100%. Or, anything in between. I believe info is in Bolson's post "Interesting reading". And how to contact Tomaz. I have it, works great. G70
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    Anyone selling ABS and Rinse-Away filament chips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by emili View Post
    Anyone selling ABS and Rinse-Away filament chips?
    I don't think you need the rinse away chip. The only way Cube Print software will let you use it is with supports generated from its own software. So you can't make your own supports and tell it to print them in rinse away. I believe someone tried doing it with a PLA chip?

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    I wonder if using MeshMixer to make your own supports and then S3D to set-up a "multicolor" file with one "color" assigned to the supports (PVA), the other PLA?

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    What's a Inf Rinse chip worth these days?



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