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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyDee View Post
    The caveat is a limitation to the hack. Your chips must be initialized to work with the hack in place. You are also downgrading to v2.00 from v2.02.
    The cleaner solution is to build a ReCube light.
    TommyDee, first - Thanks so much for your input. I have a few more questions and then I think I'm good.

    1. Can the chips be initialized (set from 100% to 99%) via the ReCube devices, or must they be initialized on the printer, and then the ReCube can reprogram them?

    2. Do the chips really need to be reprogrammed at all? PaintBallTek on Ebay (whom I suspect may be DougK12 on this forum) is telling me: " the use of S3D allows you to easily print all of those materials - no matter what chip is installed. All the printer cares about is whether the material type identified on the printer file matches the material identified by the chip. If that chip identifies as ‘ABS White’, then you can print PLA if your print file material code = ‘ABS White’. The printer isn’t smart enough to tell that it’s only printing at 200c with print parameters for PLA."

    So it sounds like as long as I have a chip that is initialized (i.e. at less than 100% setting), then I can do everything else via G-code in the slicer setup (i.e. hot end temps and feed rates)? Is this true or false? Because if it's true, then the mod solution just got 100% easier for me. Just set up some custom filament profiles in Cura, and I'm good to go.
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