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    All true! They completely hosed several aspects of this design. And even with that, I have to say that Cube3 is a huge improvement over CubePro. You can almost feel the grasp of external hands in 3DS' business when they developed Cube3 and Ekocycle. Both M$ and CocaCola must have reamed them a new one in this development. Much of it is easily discernible when you put them side by side. My peeve is their complete insistence that their build surface was 'successful enough' to release. Even as a long time hold-off from Lokbuild, 3DS would have done well by adding someone's build surface. Even if they just considered PEI sheets. But no, they stuck to their guns and forced even less gap than they originally recommended. LokBuild, opening the source (limited), and bowden correction is what is keeping these machines alive. Manually warming the build plate before printing is also a huge help. And although I've threatened to buy something open sourced, I just cannot put that bullet through my head. That's how I ended up with the CubePro too

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CUBE3 B2B Universal cartridges are finally going on sale!

    Last night I started rebuilding B2B cartridges.
    All the parts are new and the thin tube has been reconditioned.
    Hot-end housing, core, keepers, and spool-post nut are made of 3DS ABS; all other printed parts are 3DS PLA.

    The B2B cartridges includes;

    1 (one) Modified cartridge case cover - large hole for remote access, 2 holes to aide the 'pop-cart' removal tool (cartridge saver); hole and ABS nut for external spool post; and the 2 metal bits affixed to the case.
    4 (four) Bulkheads - 1 bulkhead installed that matches the current filament and 3 spares - ABS, PLA, PETG, and blank.
    1 (one) B2B bowden tube assembly 18" - 19" long, tested for 2mm ID.
    1 (one) Hot-end assembly. The nozzle is new. The 42mm length of tube is the one available virgin section of the reclaimed tube.
    1 (one) External spool post with 3D printed flange nut.
    Any salvaged 42mm and 99mm lengths of tubing; typically 1 each or better.

    All the printed parts are available on Thingiverse along with several accessories.

    Current offering and ready for shipment;

    Up for sale: 1 ABS Red known to have been opened very recently; Aug '19.
    This ABS filament has a date of cartridge date of 03/03/2015 which is considered viable for ABS.
    This is the freshest in the lot of opened cartridges.

    I'll take $50/+S/H for this B2B cartridge. Shipping will be USPS priority at $15/CONUS.
    To ship outside CONUS will require me to get an actual shipping quote to your location.

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