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    I have found a setup that works well with my machine and need the nozzle with the plastic holder that locks into the extruder and the pla chip. Just curious but why would someone set the chip to 98%. I am new to the cube 3 and maybe I missed that in some of the Forums. I have the reset tool i purchased from ebay and it works fine with my Cube 3 (FW 1.14b i think).

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    Setting it to less than 100 but leaving it at a level for larger print jobs so that the Cube doesn't think you'll run out of filament. Why not just reconfigure one of your existing chips to be PLA, since you have the reset tool -- oh, wait, you probably have the reset tool with the "lite" version, that doesn't allow you to change your chip type.

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    Resetting to 98% is only for modified firmware. With the chip resetter, you do not need modified firmware.

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