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    I got the TAN filament from Amazon (the link TommyDee gave) for like $35(plus 10 shipping) But then i grabbed a few of them to make the shipping worth it. Can not hurt to have the extra chips. And the filament prints fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvie730 View Post
    <snip> ... And the filament prints fine.
    I gave my wife 2 spools of 3DS filament I thought was bad, both white and neon green that came with the printer.
    No matter what, this stuff just wouldn't print out of a stock cartridge regardless of what I did to the cartridge.
    I decided that this filament was simply bad. She stored it in the laundry room for about 6 months.

    Once we got moving on all these improvements in the cartridges, I decided to test the filament again...
    Sure enough... nothing wrong with the filament. printed beautiful parts!

    This is where I ate my words about every cartridge being salvageable.
    Turns out at least half of the cartridges I've dealt with have an over-mold problem where the inner tube is reduced in diameter.
    This causes "highly pumped" filament to flatten in the drivers and get stuck in the tube (before it even reaches the second barrel nut).
    Diamond patterns in larger areas are a great example of what I mean by "pumping" the filament.

    Other than the returned filament which on face was not compatible, I've successfully run every filament I've purchased except two... Inland yellow ABS and 3D Solutech Gold ABS. I've had poor performance with Hatchbox, but that was apparently the nature of the material. It printed fine. Even my 3DS orange ABS is thin and has poor adhesion, it still prints fine and makes usable parts... just not very good parts.

    In the end, I've decided that PLA is much more forgiving in every respect except stability. I have a couple of pieces testing PLA in outdoor temps and UV.
    My only new hope is that with the successes I'm seeing with the other 3D Solutech's ABS samples will loosen the grip on my developed PLA bias.



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