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    I did the "press on" with abs. With the sidewalk that cube print uses for abs it would sometimes stick down good enough for it to not curl up, but sometimes it still would. I had a little more luck getting it to not curl if I stopped a print after a few layers, remove it, then start the print again right away. That way it had the heat in the bed from the first print. Sometimes that worked, or it was luck.

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    Probably 80% luck and 20% forced adhesion.

    I can certainly design extra raft extending features, but I also had a raft just curl up like nothing.

    I'm quietly working on heating Da Qube.

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    when using abs, i'm using white glue top of blue tape painter, i use alcohol before print, to make smooth surface on white glue.
    for printing, i make manual brim, with 10mm width and 0.2mm height. always success for me for printing abs. zgap set more with nozzle using printer gap.

    for pla always using blue tape.

    now i using cheap 3mm glass, and no problem at all

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    PLA loves that Borosilicate glass. I use and reuse 3DS glue on that glass plate all the time.
    Heated it should be even better.

    I also like the blue tape. The one I found is seriously sticky. No need for glue...
    But it still curls since the tape adhesive is letting loose.
    Maybe the white glue is helping you keep things level.
    I'll have to try that.



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