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    I will eventually do it, i love all kind of gadgets haha

    Are the cubepro carts made of cardware as the Cubex? pretty lame movement on 3DS imho

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    Re Cube 3 Filament winder Spool Winder Modification to fit CubePro

    Quote Originally Posted by TommyDee View Post
    Can you post up some images of what you are looking at with the cube pro carts?

    Hi Tommy As you can see internal spool different but guess winder works the same in principal.

    I was concerned re the spool winder clamp wouldn't fit this smooth cubePro spool in order to wind on the replacement filament

    When finished next print I will look to do the hack on my machine.

    Firmware CubePro 2 .00 so assume this will work as well on this as the Cube 3?

    Any suggestions much appreciated.IMAG1227.jpgcartridge dimensions.jpgCartridge CubePro.jpg



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