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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTee View Post
    If you are still here, please elaborate a little.

    What is a 'smoothie board', what does it do, where does it do it, what does it do it to??

    Is this a Cube Pro thingy, or do you have a different printer now?

    Curious minds want to learn!
    As bolsoncerrado pointed you to, It is a project that I believe started from a kick-starter project and various other opensource printer software bases. There are many boards that companies use to run their 3D printers and then there are lots of software projects that target various boards. The main difference between the hardware and the software is the embedded processor that they are designed around. I am converted 32bit ARM guy and so I wanted a board that is using an ARM processor, Smoothie is the project for that. Another famous firmware/software project is Marlin and that is based on very old 8 bit Atmel microcontrollers. The Marlin project is used by Prusa and you can buy the Rambo boards that Prusa used because they are designed and manufactured by a different person (

    You can buy a Smoothie board designed and directly supported by software project through their website or you can buy other boards designed and built by various people that also work with the Smoothie code because they use the same processor and mostly the same components. For me the "MKS SBASE v1.3" board seemed like a good choice, it has drivers for 5 motors, including 2 extruders, 2 hot ends a bed heater and a fan. It also comes with ethernet and can run everything off a single 24V supply which is what the Cube uses internally.

    You can buy the board through Amazon for $60 delivered!

    The complication is with the retrofit of all the cables. The original Cube board used a different series of JST connectors, wrong pins, wrong pitch. So I had to cut off all the board side connectors and crimp on new pins (these are very tiny pins). I had to remove the "expansion" board from up where the 3 extruders are located and rewire that area. I got the steps per millimeter from the Cube XML files so that part was easy. I had to calibrate the acceleration parameters for the motors and play around with homing and limits. Also I had to determine the calibration points for the hotend thermistor because it is not documented anywhere.

    If you bought the board, a dc/dc, relay board, connector kit I think you could convert a Cube Pro like I did for around $100.

    So now that I am free from the shackles of 3D systems I can just get on with printing using whatever materials and software I want.

    When I purchased the printer used (for not a lot of money) I new that it would require hacking to make it useful and based on the threads in this forum I was betting that I could help unlock this thing but in the end the hours (many hours) where just adding up with no end in sight, so I decided to go the route that I new would ultimately work, gut it and replace the controller.

    If there where a lot of Cube Pro owners interested, it would be possible to make a "smoothie" compatible board that was designed to replace the original board and be pin compatible with the existing cables, minus the LCD touch screen perhaps. However the production costs in the US would probably cost more than $150 to produce the boards. The same could be done for the Cube series of printers.

    Sorry to derail your BFB thread.....

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    <think adapter cables>

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    if someone can help me I have a problem I try to print with two materials at the same time with infinity rinse as supports and Pla, the problem is that the change of color between layers is eternal and in doing this each layer of melts the other and remains horrible, some way to change the color change times

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    Thank you for the great explanation, Boilerbots!

    I totally get your frustration with trying to decode the black box that is the 3DS controller.

    What you've accomplished and the knowhow that came with it is invaluable.

    Would you be willing to share details about the parameters you've worked out for the smoothieware and the MKS board? I know it would take some more of your time, but I suspect there are a few more folks that would like to follow you down that path! Perhaps offering it as donationware might help defray some of your cost (as eychei/tomuro did with ReCube.) I doubt there are enough to justify making a plug-compatible version of the board, though.

    (Oh, and if you are willing to continue the discussion, this would make a terrific new Thread!!)
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