The ultimate accessory for your 3D printer: a solid state laser cutter attachment.
Originally developed for a NASA project, we present a powerful diode laser that can convert your 3D printer or CNC router into a powerful laser engraving / cutting machine.


  • ü In 2014 we created the 2.1W L-Cheapo laser.
  • ü In the middle of 2015 we presented the 3.5W L-Cheapo Mk3.
  • ü In 2016 we forged ahead with the L-Cheapo Mk4.
  • ü Now, we introduce the Mk5. 8 watts of continuous output allows for working on any material that can be engraved or cut by a CO2 laser.

Meet the L-Cheapo MK5, with a continuous output of 8000mW – continuous over hours, and measured at the workpiece.


Key features:
  • ü Optimized for continuous output: beware competitors who only state their peak output! We promise 8000mW and deliver 8000mW.
  • ü 24/7 full tech support
  • ü Easy to install and remove for quick tool swapping.
  • ü Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC mills
  • ü Can cut and engrave many materials including: wood, plywood, fabric, felt, acrylic, ABS, PLA, cardboard, hardboard. Can be used for PCB and aluminum etching with the appropriate chemicals.
  • ü Made in the USA.

This power is enough to cut 6 mm ¼’’ of wood and plywood.


Create and engraving nice images on plastic and acrylic.


You can engrave on glass and etch aluminum or copper.


With MK4 L-Cheapo 5.6W laser you can turn your creativity into reality. Start laser cutting and laser engraving with ease as never before.


All models within the L-Cheapo line can be easily installed on any 3D printer or CNC machine. If you already have a laser engraver, the control system allows for rapid upgrading of your laser by swapping the diode block.
Does not require additional cooling or optical trimming; runs on 12V to 24V inclusive, allowing you to use a ATX power supply or laptop power brick if you so choose.
Engrave and cut images from JPEG, EPS, gcode, NC files and more using the unified plugins.


  • ü For a limited time, get your 8W MK5 L-Cheapo laser today for 495$ 475$ only.
  • ü Special offer on 3.5W MK3 L-Cheapo laser for 295$ 279$ only

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